+ How can I buy EasyTurf and how much does it cost?

Just contact us for purchase details and we can provide an estimate of the cost of supplying synthetic turf or you can shop at our online store and easily install yourself!

+ Can you provide synthetic grass Australia wide?

Yes, our artificial grass can be supplied to most locations throughout Australia.

+ Is it easy to install fake lawn at my place?

When you purchase your artificial lawn, we will supply you with an easy step-by-step guide to DIY fake grass installation.

+ Can you organise installation of my new artificial grass?

Yes, we have a large network of professional installers to lay the artificial turf at your location.

+ Can you walk on synthetic lawn?

Yes, you can walk on synthetic lawn. You will be amazed how soft and appealing fake lawn can be.

+ How long does EasyTurf last?

All our synthetic grass products come with a 10 year warranty. With proper care and maintenance you will enjoy your beautiful synthetic turf for many long years, without the hassle of watering, or mowing!

+ What if my dog leaves its mess behind?

Not a problem. Just as you would with normal grass, you just scoop up the mess and hose it.

+ Is EasyTurf flammable?

Easy Turf is virtually flame-proof. The sand and rubber infill assists in minimising any fire spreading.

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