golf pro

Golf Pro is Primarily a golf putting product but can be used for various applications - gyms, play areas and general sporting. A high quality product that is very dense and spongy to walk on much like a golf green. Golf Pro is a premium golf putting product. Golf pro can be used for many other applications and is manufactured to last long term. A great option for a premium multi purpose synthetic surface.

$34.00 p/m2

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  Pile Height   13mm
  Pile Length   31mm
  Machine Gauge   3/8"(9.52mm)
  Stitch Rate per Sqm   340
  No. of Stitches per Sqm   71400
  Pile Content   Polyethylene,U.V Protected
  Yarn Type   Polyethylene
  Primary Backing   100% woven polypropylene, U.V protected 200g/m2
  Secondary Backing   Maximum water resistant and ultra bonding strength BASF glue
  Pile Gross Weight   Polyethylene (Grass) with 8000g in 10000 mtrs. about 1630g/m2
  Secondary Coating Weight   1100g/m2
  Total Weight   2630g/m2
  Shipping Weight   119kg & 210kg/roll. Roll Diameter: 55cm
  Width   2m & 3.75m
  Colour   Emerald green
  Infill Material   Washed & dried sand 0.3 - 1.0