Platinum cool

Platinum Cool has a maximum temperature that is 15 degrees less than any other turf on the market. The fibres are designed to hold less heat and therefore lower temperature to provide for greater comfort during the peak of a hot summer day. Platinum Cool is extremely soft and is a realistic product that is suitable for various applications.

$34.00 p/m2

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  Landscape   Platinum Cool (Unlike other ‘cool’ grasses Platinum Cool – heats up 10 – 15 degrees less “Max” temperature than other grasses)
  Pile Content   Polyethylene, U.V Protected
  Yarn Type 1   Polyethylene, polypropylene
  Primary Backing   100% woven polypropylene, U.V protected 200g/m2
  Secondary Backing   Maximum water resistant and ultra bonding strength BASF glue with baked
  Pile Height   35mm
  Pile Length   75mm
  Pile Gross Weight   Polyethylene (Grass) with 15000g in 10000 mtrs.
  Polypropylene (cury) with 4400g in 10000 mtrs
  Secondary Coating Weight   1100g/m2
  Total Weight   2700g/m2
  Shipping Weight   90kg & 170kg/roll. Roll Diameter: 52cm
  Machine Gauge   3/8"(9.525mm)
  Stitch Rate per Sqm   160
  No. of Stitches per Sqm   16800
  No.Pile per Sqm   16800
  Width   2m & 3.75m
  Colour   Emerald green, olive green for straight grass, green for curly
  Infill Material   Washed & dried sand 0.3 - 1.0