Easyturf has worked closely with many schools and recognises the importance of schools providing the best possible playing, sports and recreation areas for their students. Easyturf’s synthetic turf is completely safe to Children and adults and has been through vigorous testing to ensure there is no content of heavy metals or lead.

Easyturf synthetic turf solutions can transform uninspiring, unsightly, bare, muddy, dangerously uneven and bumpy surfaced areas within the school grounds into safe, healthy soft and practical synthetic turf surfaces that can be utilised all year round, regardless of weather. Bland, boring sporting areas can be turned into amazing and versatile multisport recreational facilities.

Following installation Easyturf will provide you with ongoing service support including a full manufacturer’s product warranty on all synthetic turf products. Schools can rest easy knowing that our company will not finish a project and leave a school to fend for themselves. You can contact Easyturf at any time if you have any concerns or questions.

Maintenance programs for synthetic areas is the most important and critical part after installation to ensure longevity, avoid warranty issues and keep your synthetic turf surface hygienic, soft, even and achieve optimum performance from your turf.  We have a specialised ride on maintenance machine imported from Germany that we will use to carry out maintenance for the life of the synthetic turf.