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If you’re interested in transforming the way your space looks, but would rather keep the amount of maintenance work that accompanies it to the bare minimum, you really cannot go past our products. We pride ourselves in supplying and installing exceptional-quality fake turf in Melbourne, Sydney and in many other areas of Australia, and have been doing so for a long time now.

Since opening our doors nearly a decade ago, we have worked with a countless number of customers to turn their outdoor area dreams into realities, and have experience with properties of all types. So whether it’s the backyard of your home, you’re interested in having it installed for a commercial property or anything in between, we’re here to deliver amazing results. We provide first-class products and service from start to finish.

The many benefits of our turf

There really are so many different reasons why our range of products are beneficial over the real stuff, many of which will vary depending on where it’s actually being installed. However, here are a couple that can be applied across the board:

You’ll save time and money on maintenance

Instead of getting out there every Saturday and trimming it to ensure it’s pristinely cut, it will (of course) remain the same length from the moment it’s put down. Also, forget having to install and run any type of sprinkler system so it stays a healthy green, which saves on both the system itself and all associated water costs.

Creates a year-long usable area

Instead of dusty and dry in the summer, and wet and muddy in the winter, you get a very usable space throughout the entire year. 

Contact us today about our products and installation

If you have any questions regarding one or more of the huge range of turf options we have available in Sydney, Melbourne and further, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for a chat by calling 1800 327 988 to speak with us directly. To obtain a no-obligation quote for your project, fill the job details into our online quote form and you’ll hear back from us shortly.