How to lay artificial turf in 8 simple steps


A magnificent low maintenance artificial surface starts with correct installation. With Easy Turf, you have the flexibility to install the artificial grass yourself, using our detailed installation instructions, or we can arrange for our team of professionals to install it for you, please fill in the form below or Contact if you need any support with your turf.


Ensure you lay your synthetic turf right the first time

Simple follow the steps below for a successful DIY turf installation:

1.     Existing surface is excavated to required level. Approx 80 - 100 mm below joining surface. 

2.     A 50mm base of crushed rock is applied, smoothed out and then compacted with a vibrating plate.

3.     A 30 – 40mm top layer of crusher dust (fine crush rock) is then applied, levelled out and finally compacted.

4.     150mm nails or 100mm U pins are placed around the edges around 200 – 250mm apart to ensure the artificial grass           does not come up.

5.     Joining tape is used for all joins to keep grass together. Application of nails or U pins through joins is also recommended.

6.     All Landscape grass needs to be laid in the same direction, ensuring fibres of the synthetic grass are facing the same             way.

7.     Use a sharp utility blade ( Stanley knife ) to cut around all edges or objects.

8.     Specially graded dry sand is then spread evenly and brushed in to help weigh the grass down and help fibres of the               grass remain standing.

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