Expert Supply & Installation of Instant Turf 


Whether you’re renovating your front and/or backyard and would like a low-maintenance lawn solution, you’re running a council project that requires turf but don’t want to pay for it to be kept, or something else entirely, we’re here to deliver the goods. The instant turf we supply and install in Melbourne, Adelaide and all over the country is manufactured to the highest degree, and any outdoor area will look amazing once it’s in place.

Remove all of the hassles of having a beautiful grass area and opt for artificial lawn installation from Easy Turf. You’ll never have to mow a blade ever again, nor will your water bill be affected by having to water it all the time. Simplify your life with any of the fake lawn choices we have and rest easy knowing it comes with a 10-year warranty, too!

Why we lead the industry in instant lawn

With more than ten years of experience in this industry, we have helped a long list of customers across Australia, in a number of different settings. From landscaping projects in Adelaide to sporting grounds in Melbourne and much more, we’re here to work hard and produce excellent results. Since our inception all those years ago, our team has strived to provide nothing short of outstanding service to our customers, and when coupled with the premium quality of our products, you can rest assured you’re in the best of hands.

To top it all off, we have a firm belief that simply because something is of premium quality, that shouldn’t mean it’s got a ridiculous price tag attached – as such, you’ll find only the most competitive prices across our wide range of options.

Discuss your needs with one of our friendly team today

We have the industry knowledge to provide you with expert advice depending on your wants and needs, so phone us today on 1800 327 988 if you’re interested in discussing your particular project in depth. If you’re after a quote, you can either chat to us directly on the aforementioned number or fill out our straightforward quote request online and we’ll get back to you quickly.