Easy Turf offers a 10 year warranty on the surface of the product. The Product will be free from manufacturer’s defects and covers against any damage that is not considered general wear and tear. The warranty protects the grass from any noticeable fading from UV light.

(EXCEPTIONS: The Eco Green range of synthetic turf is covered for a 2 year warranty ONLY)

To keep warranty valid the following conditions must be met:

  1. Appropriate footwear and equipment must be used at all times on the Turf.
  2. The turf must not be deliberately or recklessly tampered with in any way.
  3. A suitable base must be used, making sure that it does not in any way contribute to damages caused.
  4. The turf must be clean red and maintained in accordance to Easy Turf standards. 
  5. Infill must be correct grade and kept at appropriate levels at all times.

Easy Turf offer this 10 year surface guarantee, with years 3 to 10 being on a pro rata basis with the turf depreciating by 12.5% for each of these years.

If clients has a valid claim, this needs to be submitted in a written document and submitted to Easy Turf. A representative from Easy Turf will arrange to meet client within 7 days and inspect the claim. When determined it is a valid claim Easy Turf will arrange to have the damaged product repaired or replaced within 14 days.