Easy Turf Artificial Grass FAQ’s

Common Artificial Grass Questions & Answers

How can I buy Easy Turf and how much does it cost?

Just contact us for purchase details and we can provide an estimate of the cost of supplying synthetic turf or you can shop at our online store and easily install yourself!

Can you provide synthetic grass Australia wide?

Yes, our artificial grass can be supplied to most locations throughout Australia.

Can you organise installation of my new synthetic grass?

Yes, we have a large network of professional installers to lay the artificial turf at your location.

Can you walk on synthetic lawn?

Yes, you can walk on synthetic lawn. You will be amazed how soft and appealing fake lawn can be.

How long does Easy Turf last?

All our synthetic grass products come with a 10 year warranty. With proper care and maintenance you will enjoy your beautiful synthetic turf for many long years, without the hassle of watering, or mowing!

What if my dog leaves it’s mess behind?

Not a problem. Just as you would with normal grass, you just scoop up the mess and hose it.

Are Easy Turf artificial grass products flammable?

Easy Turf is virtually flame-proof. The sand and rubber infill assists in minimising any fire spreading.

Do your Easy Turf artificial grass products come with fire rating certificates?

Yes they are! All our Easy Turf artificial grass products are product tested and certified by AWTA according to their stringent fire rating standards and guidelines. To view our fire rating certificates, click here.

Will weeds grow in the synthetic turf?

While weeds don’t tend to grow through the turf, the turf does have drainage holes through out the backing and sometimes the weeds make there way through these holes. Weeds may also form on the edges where the turf is close to a garden bed etc. If any weeds appear we recommend that you either pull them out or use a weed killer to remove them as soon as you see them. Weed killers bought from any garden or hardware supplier store should be suitable to use however if unsure we do recommend that you test the weed killer on a small patch of turf.

Will turf heat up if I have glass fencing or reflective surrounds from nearby building?

Great question! You should be careful regarding the surrounding area when installing synthetic turf. Our turf has been tested against extreme heat, however sometimes when nearby building have reflective glass which may shine down on a roof top balcony, of when you have a glass pool fence reflecting light, this concentrated light does heat up the turf considerably and may cause some melting damage. We always suggest in these instances that you order our samples and place it in the area of concern and test it on a sunny day. That will give you an idea of how hot the area will be along with how hot the turf will get.

My dogs love to use the area to urinate and dig up, will they do this with the synthetic turf once its laid.

Every dog is different, most dogs don’t tend to try and dig up the turf however they may go to the corners and try and pull up the turf. We always recommend you have edging around the area where the turf is laid so it can be tucked in and well secured. We also recommend you add some extra nails around the corners and lay some extra sand infill into these area which will weigh down the turf and prevent it from being pulled up

If your dogs do use the turf to urinate etc we always recommend that the area is washed down and cleaned on a regular basis to prevent any nasty smells lingering.


Common Synthetic Grass Installation Questions & Answers

Is it easy to install fake lawn at my place?

When you purchase your artificial lawn, we will supply you with an easy step-by-step guide to DIY fake grass installation.

Can I install the turf directly onto dirt?

The answer to this would be no. We do believe that you should ensure a proper base is prepared before laying the turf. We recommend a crushed rock base along with a layer of crusher dust on top before you lay the turf. This will ensure the area is stable and even and minimise any movement.

Can I install synthetic grass on top of tiles or concrete?

Yes! you definitely can, in fact, it is the perfect scenario because synthetic grass requires a levelled and stable surface area. Click for further reading on Installing Easy Turf’s synthetic grass on concrete surfaces.

I have recently dug up a section to lay pipes and have now infilled the area with soil, can I prepare a base and lay turf down straight away?

When digging out an around around a pool, when your laying pipes, back filling etc we suggest that these holes are filled with crush rock with stabilisers through it and compacted at regular intervals. If this hasn’t been done, and the area has just been filled with dirt we would recommend before you prepare a base and lay turf you let the area settle for around 6 months to avoid future dipping. The earth will move in this area over that time and if you do prepare a base and lay turf immediately after this work you may see significant movement in the earth which will result in movement in the turf.