You have had your artificial turf for 10-15 years now however you are beginning to notice that its colour just isn’t what i t was , high traffic areas look tired and can’t be brushed up like they used to be and your artificial turf is starting to show its age. What to do?
If properly maintained you artificial turf should last between 10-15 years before it will require replacing. Synthetic turf has changed considerably over the last 10 years with synthetic turf looking extremely ike life. If you are looking at replacing your synthetic turf things you can consider are:
1. Turf style – with some many turf styles to consider, short pile, longer pile, all green etc. now is a great time to change it up. At Easy Turf® we always say when choosing synthetic turf it does come down to personal preference always take your time looking at different styles and samples to see what suits you and your family
2. Will you remove the old turf and do the new artificial turf installation yourself
 – always consider how you will dispose of the old turf, the current base condition as you may need to add more crushed rock and ensure it has been recompacted
3. Having a professional remove and relay – at Easy Turf® we have many clients who come to us who don’t want the hassle of having to remove and re-lay their old turf. At Easy Turf® we can take the stress and hassle out of replacing your old synthetic turf. Easy Turf® offers a full supply and installations service which includes the disposal of your old synthetic turf
 Easy Turf® is here to help you make replacing your old synthetic turf easy. Contact us to speak to one of our experienced customer service team to discuss your artificial turf needs or ‘request a quote’ from our website.