It’s that time of year were we all getting ready to celebrate with family and friends. 

Here are couple of helpful hints to help with ensuring you synthetic turf stays in top condition while you are entertaining:

  • Regular care will keep your lawn looking vibrant. Rinse your artificial lawn whenever required to remove debris and waste. Use a blower to remove leaves which may build up on the turf 
  • If you have pets be sure to clear away any mess quickly. Ensure you wash down the area at least 2-3 times per week.
  • While your synthetic turf is tough its not bullet proof. Make sure you have no sharp objects (including tent pegs, shade cloths etc) on the grass which can tear the grass and cause permanent damage. Also, make sure when moving heavy furniture you are a lifting the item rather than dragging it across the artificial turf.
  • Items such as BBQ’s, cigarette butts etc are not safe to use on artificial turf they can cause permanent damage to your turf – where possible use anything hot on a solid surface such as a paved area.

Lastly enjoy the holiday season! 

From all the staff at Easy Turf Australia we wish all our clients and their families a very happy safe festive season.