You have finally decided that artificial turf is right for you and have began researching different products. All of sudden you realise there is so much terminology out there that you are not familiar with and your become confused. Not to worry let us help simply the terminology to help researching become a lot easier:

Latex – Used in the backing (generally second backing) , used to lock the stitched fibers in place in fake turf

Machine Gauge – The distance between two rows of threads. The gauge is calculated in inches, where one inch = 2.54cm. Calculated every 8 or 16 lines of tuft yarn, it indicates the number of needles used in manufacture. 3/8” artificial turf means you have 8 lines of yarn over 7.62 cm, (3 x 2.54) or one thread every 0.95cm.

Non galvanised nails -Nails that are not coated with a protective zinc layer and is often used to secure artificial turf.

Permeable – allowing liquids or gases to pass through it. Our Easy Turf® landscaping synthetic turf range has drainage holes throughout the backing spaced every 100mm to allow for easy drainage.

Pile Height – Pile height is the length of the artificial grass glass

Polyethylene – softest of plastic, used in most synthetic turf yarns. Blades offer twice the resistance to Ultraviolet light degradation and are also seen as better for the environment. It is seen as strong and durable and can handle to damage from pets and pests.

Polyproplene – Polypropylene is used in the backing of the synthetic turf. It does not absorb water.

Powerbroom – Motorised broom to brush up synthetic turf fibers

Stitch Count – The number of stitches per row

Silica Sand Infill – Small, angular sand granules made of silica, which is a derivative of quartz that has been worn by the elements.

UV Stablisers – Are substances used to prevent the chemical process which occurs when UV radiation comes from the sun (or an artificial ought source) and collapses chemical bonds within the artificial turf product

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