Artificial grass is one of the latest trends in landscaping and home lawns. But how much do you really know about artificial grass? Many people consider synthetic turf if they want to lower their running costs and simplify their outdoor maintenance process. This article details some lesser-known facts about artificial grass that some people may not know.

Hollywood and significant sports have paved the way towards popularising artificial turf.

In 1966, synthetic grass was installed at Astrodome’s baseball field. It set a precedent for sports grounds across the USA. Additionally, FIFA chose artificial turf for many pitches at the 2010 World Cup games in South Africa. Today, it’s even replaced the red carpet at some significant Hollywood events, including the Latin Grammy’s and Teen Choice Awards.

There are different types of artificial grass that are available.

Artificial grass and its installation may come in different varieties.

  • In-fill grasses include a material to the top that helps weigh the grass down and keep the pile vertical.
  • Non-in-fill grasses do not require material to be added to the top or pinned down.
  • Sports grass is generally longer and has an additional in-fill that helps support players running around the field.
  • Hybrid grass includes a mixture of natural grass and fake grass stitched into it.

Artificial grass can help neutralize pet waste odours

Combining a deodorizer and drainage in-fill layers can help offset and neutralize the unpleasant smell of pet waste, making artificial grass a suitable option to consider for your furry friends. However, you still have to clean up the solid waste, but it can be simplified and help keep your turf in top shape. 

Synthetic grass is produced in a very similar way to a carpet.

Artificial grass is like an outdoor carpet that can allow water to drain through. Many artificial grass terms are described in carpet measurements, as the yarn is made of plastic, the pile height refers to the grass length from backing to the surface. Artificial grass is even produced in some carpet factories as the system of stitching and threading the fibres is very similar.

There are three things to consider with an artificial grass system.

The first thing to consider is whether your synthetic grass colour choice can complement your surrounding environment. Before proceeding with installing artificial grass, it is helpful to ensure that the colours you have chosen blend in with the surrounding natural foliage.

The second thing to consider is if it also provides drainage, as synthetic grass should have a perforated backing that can offer efficient drainage for your landscape. Having good drainage is imperative when it comes to landscape installation. 

Lastly, consider whether the turf’s quality, contractor’s license, and warranty meet the industry standards. When homeowners invest in high-quality products, synthetic grass landscapes can last longer and require less maintenance. It is crucial to seek an installer’s help with a contractor’s license to avoid specific legal issues that may arise.

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