Maintaining an artificial lawn is much cheaper than a natural one. Whether you do it yourself or hire a professional, it is essential to prevent damage and keep your artificial grass in good condition to maximize its function. To give you ideas, here are a few things to remember to prevent damage to your fake grass

1. Do not set up your grill on the fake turf.

2. Keep chewing gum out of the lawn.

3. Avoid dragging heavy furniture across the surface.

4. Immediately clean up your pets’ waste. 

5. Install high-quality synthetic grass.

Keeping your lawn looking healthy and beautiful is more convenient for synthetic turf, as you don’t need to use fertilizers and pesticides constantly. In addition, the grass will not turn brown during changing seasons and will not be slick with snow. Therefore, artificial lawns will always look beautiful and fresh, making them an excellent investment.

While artificial turf requires little maintenance, it is not entirely free. Thus, after the installation, many homeowners are starting to research how they will maintain their artificial grass lawns. 

Here are some tips that can help you maintain good-quality artificial grass lawns: 

1. Keep your lawn clean 

Rainfall is the best and cheapest way to clean your artificial lawn. However, during summer, it is advisable to hose down your lawn, especially when receiving heavy traffic in the area. 

The frequency with which this should be done depends on the amount of use your grass receives, but homeowners should do this no more than every other week for the ordinary synthetic lawn.

2. Remove leaves and debris from your turf

Regardless of the season, your fake lawn is prone to having leaves and twigs. To keep your lawn in the best condition, you must eliminate this debris as it can accumulate weed growth. When the wind blows away from the lawn, you can remove the leaves with a simple plastic-tooth leaf rake. Cleaners should avoid metal rakes as they can cause damage to your grass layer.

Additionally, consider using an electric leaf blower for larger yards. This enables you to clean the surface from all debris and filth easily. 

3. Brush your artificial fibres regularly

You can notice that the fibres on your turf are no longer as upright as they once were. This is perfectly natural and results from your artificial lawn being used.

Brushing your artificial lawn can restore its fibres to an upright position. Moreover, you can brush it lightly to remove any embedded debris. This technique, known as “cross brushing,” will also help fluff up the grass and prevent matting and flattening.

4. Get rid of weeds and moss.

Installing artificial grass properly can prevent weeds from growing. However, if airborne seeds nestle in the fibres, there is a possibility that your lawn will be susceptible to weed and moss growth. 

To eliminate weed and moss growth, you can install a ‘weed-free’ sandfill with a built-in weed inhibitor. You can also spray a water-based weedkiller to prevent them from dominating your lawn. Remember not to yank the weeds out, as this can damage the top layer of your synthetic turf. 

With excellent maintenance and care, your artificial lawn will retain its gorgeous appearance for an extended period. Indeed, artificial grass has the power to change your home and make your life easier.

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