Artificial Grass terminology explained

We are always receiving enquiries about ‘Astro Turf’, ‘Astro Turf Australia’, ‘Synthetic Turf’,’Synthetic Grass’ ‘Synthetic Lawn’, ‘Artificial Grass’, ‘Artificial Turf’ ‘Artificial lawn’, ‘Fake Grass’ ‘Fake lawn’ and “Fake Turf’. All these terms are generally used to describe the same product with a slight difference. We thought we might break these terms down to enable a better understanding of the product and terms.

Artificial or synthetic turf:

Artificial or synthetic turf is a surface of synthetic fibres made to look like natural grass. Both artificial and synthetic turf as a search term essentially mean the same thing and can be used interchangeably.

Artificial or synthetic grass:

The term synthetic turf / grass is used interchangeable with artificial turf / grass. These terms are the most common through the artificial grass industry and all essentially mean the same thing.

Fake turf /grass:

Fake grass or turf is just another term used for artificial and synthetic turf. Easy Turf’s artificial grass comes in range different styles; each with differing height, colour, thickness and dimensions and are designed to replicate natural turf.

Astro Turf:

Astro Turf is a specific product rather than a generic name for artificial turf. The Astro Turf product was created in America in 1965. Astro Turf is a trademark.

The term isn’t as common as it used to be, although is still used by people when enquiring about artificial turf.

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