For many people, installing artificial grass is considered a great asset for all sorts of landscapes, such as residential properties and recreational spaces. While the turf is durable, low-maintenance, and long-lasting, the day will come when you will need to replace it with fresh and new artificial grass

After years of using artificial turf for landscaping, you might also wonder if the time has come to invest in new turf for your lawn or recreation area. Here are some of the signs that indicate the time has come to call a professional to help remove the old grass and replace it with something new.

Your Synthetic Grass Has Been Installed for Over a Decade

If the artificial grass has been in place for more than a decade, one needs to check its condition closely. Depending on the materials of the grass, it may start to show some signs of wear. Other turf products are very durable and can last for over two decades before you need to replace them. 

Once your artificial grass is installed for over ten years, you need to start checking annually for signs of wear and tear. Close inspection would help tell you that it is time to replace your old synthetic turf with something new.

The Turf Has Visible Damages

Taking the time to inspect your turf for any damages closely is a great idea. As you examine your turf, take note of any rips or damages currently in place. While these damages are relatively common, one should not ignore them. One of the ideal ways to ensure that these damages don’t resurface is by completely replacing the turf.

Replacing the turf in your entire lawn may be a more cost-effective option than attempting to make repairs. However, you would still need to schedule some onsite estimates as you look for new artificial turf. These estimates can give you crucial information that you need when choosing the right contractor or turf installer to install your synthetic turf. 

Opting for an Updated Look

Wanting a new and updated look can be another reason to consider when removing the old grass and replacing it with something new. 

Like real, natural grass, synthetic turf comes with many options to choose from in terms of its style and colour. While your older grass may be up to your taste 15 years ago, maybe today you would like something new and slightly different. A professional can help you choose the replacement and ensure that your artificial turf is appropriately installed.

The turf’s colour is fading.

Having lush green grass is something that many people want for their landscaping projects. If you have installed artificial turf, ensuring that it retains its lush green colour is crucial in the long run. 

However, the older your turf gets, the more faded it will start to look. Allowing the turf with faded green colour to remain in place can significantly reduce the visual aesthetic of your landscape or recreational space. You would need to replace your faded turf with new synthetic turf to solve this.

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